Renoir's wife Aline

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Mastercopy of Renoir Renoir's Wife - Only 250 Copys worldwide


The world premiere of the publication of the Pilot project of Renoir of Doc Moses comes specifically for art lovers with an exclusive limited edition Mastercopys of Aline Renoir to offer.

The Mastercopy of the Original painting of Renoir's wife Aline is also specially made ​​for you by master Artist Painter and satisfies the highest quality standards of paintings.




Under clicking the links below you can find information source and Historical from Aline Renoir and Renoir itselfLink Aline Renoir.

Decide for yourself whether you want to have your Mastercopy in oil paint or acrylic if you want to do.

You can also determine whether you want the natural hand-made paintings and Refined or treated in a special process, the cracks in the colors of the Classic to see how they demonstrate are painting with old age, so the painting looks much the same authentic and old.

Next, you decide whether you wish to have the painting with the brilliant shini paint finish or dull without.

You can choose from a number of different framings how you want your Masterpiece framed.

The limited edition comes with a detailed certificate and serial number, and is hand-signed by Doc Moses, the discoverer of the lost and found Aline the wife of Renoir.



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