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4 Original Paintings of Renoir

The Lilymadonna's'


The world premiere of the publication of the pilot project of Renoir Doc Moses comes specially for exclusive art lovers, Master paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir to show "The Madonna Lily Collection"

Under clicking the links below you will find information and historical source for Madonna lilies and Renoir himself


The Certificate of Authenticity can be found at the following link click in the following languages.


For the English translation of the certificate:


For the German translation of the certificate:


For the French translation of the certificate:


For the Italian translation of the certificate:


In addition to determining the age of the certificates, the evaluation of the cryptological code after Doc Moses comes with the evidence to the result that these Lilymadonnas are genuine and authentic oil paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.


Die Lilienmadonna ca 1885 von Renoir Homage Raffael Santi




You get the Collection of Four (4) Lilymadonnas of Renoir with all COAs in 4 languages ​​and authenticity and the leadership of Moses Doc.





The rediscovered Lilymadonnas of Renoir's are very rare and important original art objects becouse the oil paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir are worldwide in its Collection unique and therefore only at ArtRenoir your Fine Art Renoir specialist can be purchased.

No museum in the world and not a collector owns this art paintings by Renoir, let alone a collection of 4 paintings on the same theme Religious painting.

Secure this unique collection of the most famous and successful impressionists of all time.

Of course you can leave the original oil painting by Renoir follow-up examination in a reputed institute in conformity and authenticity of the certificates.

You will receive an unlimited guarantee of the authenticity of all 4 paintings of the Lilymadonna Collection.




ArtRenoir team


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