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Kryptologic Special Edition, specialized software and image processing Professional

The proven success of the software Kryptologic Renoir explorer Doc Moses is based on a photo-optic interface and software-specific image manipulation and processing technology. With this software you can investigate works of art of all kinds of hidden synonyms.

Take to learn more about a particular artist or customize a photo with a conventional, preferably a high-pixel digital camera. After you place your chip with the photograph in the card reader, you can immediately start with the investigation of your art object with the Kryptologic Professional Edition.

The software is easy to use, what is it that has made a special edition available exclusively for you, the inventor of the Method of application Doc Moses, with you as a detective can easy get the artist on the track.

Discover the treasures of your art collection and learn more about the potential as artists. Get the Kryptologic Professional Edition for Advanced Computer user of the discoverer Doc Moses which allowed him to be as successful.

The background to this successful proven Method is based on research on the world-renowned artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) . Doc Moses successful Renoir specialist since 2009 working with this software and its sophisticated technology. Initially his work Doc Moses made during a routine examination a sensational discovery and found the Renoir identifying hid in his artworks. This was the beginning of the Art treasure hunt.

Doc Moses launched a major investigation and made extensive studies. The pilot project Renoir with its more than 10,000 hours of research, he has successfully completed and now left behind.

We are pleased this worldwide unique project of the art of Kryptologic Special Edition to have created workshops, including the introduction for you. In over four years from 2009 to 2013 Doc Moses discovered his Method of art by Renoir in the nominal value of approximately € 100 million (100 million euros).



The software can be operated under standard programs for Windows, Mac and Linux. Plus the software, you get a lot of live video workshops for the handling of the software with Doc Moses, the discoverer of the Kryptological detection Method, as well as additional new information about Renoir.

Additionally you obtain video recordings of the most extraordinary collection of Renoir worldwide, Doc Moses had with his system Kryptologic detection Method discovered. Dive into the unknown world of the art of known and unknown artists, and with a little time - skill and luck you too can discover legendary known and lesser-known works of art by long-dead artist under certain circumstances.


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