The Color Cartel

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The Color Cartell  "Das Bunte Kartell"

A fast-paced and true story.

Doc Moses artist - designer and inventor goes suddenly and unexpectedly the company to break and he loses everything he had just built. By chance he gets to a painting in which he sees Intuitively a famous painter. The only problem with this, he could not say who the artist is, because it seemed only a mere guess.

Doc Moses gives the painting to the world-famous auction house Christie's to learn more about the value of the painting to learn. Unfortunately, the experts at Christie's could not help and told that would be open when Doc Moses could name the artist, the painting may be very valuable and therefore the price upwards.

Who is the Unemployed finally has time for better than just sitting around thinking to Doc Moses had just lost through no fault of his company. Doc Moses went and made his thoughts about the painting as he could find out the painter. The experts did not know it then and the thing did not exactly encouraging. A large search was launched by Doc Moses. By a happy idea, to examine the painting in more detail with special software and photography techniques out there came out of the blue Sky during the investigation of the image files to a great surprise. A letter and number code appeared in the painting. What initially looked like a mystery, however, turned out to be in intensive research, as an identification code. Unexpectedly, could Doc Moses actually was not familiar with this matter at once read the name Renoir. The lights suddenly shone through the name of one of the most famous painters in art history. If this code was in this painting real and could be applied universally to him thought Doc Moses, had to be seen in paintings known and recognized the world-renowned artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1841-1919 the same features, the only way to guarantee being given, the matter would have success.

Days passed - weeks and months before Doc Moses came true what could not conceive in his wildest dreams. In all the paintings of Renoir, he investigated and which were accepted, he finally found features that repeatedly the name of Renoir and his monogram PAR etc... more or less the initials Renoir.

A thrilling story of one of gone and walk through the International art scene, and tried with his discovery to make himself a name and it with great resistance-corruption - envy - jealousy and other oddities encountered and against all odds, the story of a giant Happy ending.

You have heard about the da Vinci Code - so called  sacrilege? Here is a true story which, unlike the da Vinci Code - is not fictitious. Chapter - The Lilymadonna Reading sample     

Get your pre-reservation and read the Authentic and true story of Doc Moses like the established in the art scene a whiz throw a stone after another granted in the way. What could all adversaries of Doc Moses did not know, the more resistance the brought against him, the more energetic were his research and his findings that he should retain until the end, because he knew the living God at his side and under pressure he realy came gets going.

This is the poignant and Unstoppable story of a treasure hunter, who against some criminal machinations of the competition, fought him grudged success with its rallying calls and how he discovered when an unknown whiz a significant art collection of the most famous artists of the world systematically and with God's help .



In the oilton you see a self-portrait by Renoir as an Oilsheik

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Go to (English version) and explore the rediscovered works of the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The German translation you find at


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